Children of this age group who are coming from the safety and warmth of their homes have to fit into a comfort zone in the school after which facilitators can equip the child with deeper, more gripping and subtler ways of knowing the world and learning.

We work towards making children feel happy, secure and comfortable through our curriculum which provides ample opportunities for the child to learn and explore the environment around him. Our special curriculum includes:

Creative Arts

The art of drawing, painting and shaping objects teaches them important new ways of thinking, of creating and communicating with images as well as with words.

Music & Movement & Dramatics

Music, dance and drama is an integral part of development and enhances attention spans, sharpen listening abilities and develop language / vocabulary skills.

Field Trips

Since children learn best through direct experiences Maxfort organizes opportunities for children to learn by seeing, feeling and doing. Through these experience children establish their understanding, and acquire, social, intellectual and physical skills.

Mathematical Concepts

For developing a childs problem solving, number usage and practical application of initial number concepts. We use the Jodo Gyan program which allows for hands on exploration and active investigation.

Formal Work Preparation

Reading is the foundation for all learning. If a child is successful in reading all other learning becomes easier. A complete Phonics Program is introduced in these classes. This process is based on a firm foundation of phonological awareness i.e knowledge of sounds and letters .

A child may be only a visual, auditory, or kinesthic learner. Our program in all is effective with all the different kinds of lerners allowing each child to achieve his / her maximum potential.